August Special Promotion- Infrared Sauna

The hot new things? infrared Saunas. Check out our special deal for August. 


Infrared saunas, said to heat you from within, detox and de-stress you — oh, and burn calories. Though the exact figure is up for debate (claims range from 100 to 1,000 calories per session), fans don't seem to mind the margin of error. If you sweat on a regular basis, with two to three days between sessions, you can expect to lose one clothing size within six to ten treatments, assuming that you are also pursuing a reasonable diet.

When you enter the sauna chamber, you'll turn off the light, let the infrared rays warm you and the overhead fixture (a Lite Brite-recalling installation that changes colors every few seconds) soothe you as the minutes fly by. 


One 45 minute session - $22

Three 45 minute session -  $61

Five 45 minute session - $94