Why you should try Tibetan Foot Soak

Benefiting patients with chronic cold feet, neuropathy, poor digestion, cold body, bad circulation, skin issues, fatigue, depression and more. These are some of the Earth's most powerful stimulating, warming and healing herbs that have come from some of the harshest environment. From the snow covered fields high in Tibet, we have discovered rare plants and Tibetan formulas to create a powerful healing foot soak.

Ancient Tibetan's have know for thousands of years the benefits of soaking the feet for medicinal purposes. Only now is Western science catching up to the knowledge of the past. In a recent study done by Harvard, a simple warm bath before you go to bed at night can significantly increase your sleep. Click here to read the study

After reading about the benefits of hot water before going bed based on the Harvard study above, imagine what a hot foot bath with the addition of powerful Tibetan herbs can do for your health. The following are a list of conditions with noted improvement after 2 weeks of foot soaks.

-Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia

-IBS, Constipation, Ulcers, Diarrhea 

-Back Pain, Sports Injury, Migraine

-Fertility, PMS, Hormones

Please make an appointment for a consultation before using the foot soak.