Microlight therapy-It is an advanced method of vibrational medicine with many powerful applications for medicine, rehabilitation and esthetics.

Microlight technology combines low frequency and low intensity electrical currents with a range of therapeutic colors of visible light. These are delivered through a patented dual probe system that both senses and treats for optimal accuracy and results.

Microlight treatment for Lower Back Pain


What are the applications of Microlight therapy?

 It provides  remarkably effective and rapid results for:

1. Acute and chronic pain relief and pain management – with no drugs or needles.

2. Accelerated rehabilitation after injuries, surgery or stroke.

3. Helping heal patients with neurological degenerative conditions such as MS, post-stroke and Parkinson’s.

4. Anti-aging facial and whole-body rejuvenation treatments.

5. Support for a wide range of internal medical and emotional conditions.

How does Microlight work?

 It works in a similar way as acupuncture, through the following mechanisms:

1. By removing electrical-energetic blockages in the body that create or aggravate pain.

2. Light and currents help harmonize and balance the regulatory systems of the body- neuro-muscular, endocrine and subtle energy – supporting the body in healing itself from the inside out.

3. Through lymph clearing, which is vital for resolution of chronic disease and pain processes.

4. Boosting cellular ATP levels and promotion of ionic transport through cell membranes.

5. Helping the cells and tissues detoxify.