Auricular Acupuncture is acupuncture that is done on the ear.  Your ear is a “microcosm” of your body.  That means your entire body can be treated from your ear.  Your ear, being close to your brain, is very neurologically active.  Ear acupuncture is often used to help people get off drugs.  The acupuncture is done on certain NADA approved points to relieve addiction cravings.  There are many acupuncture/drug treatment clinics in the world.

The same way acupuncture treats drug addiction, it can treat cigarette addiction.  It can be more effective to treat the whole body though and take Chinese herbs.  There are herbal formulas that treat anxiety and stress that will help relieve that in advance of smoking cessation.  I always have my patients take herbs and get acupuncture a while before they stop smoking.  You want to clear out the heat that comes from smoking or it will make it harder to stop.  Smoking relieves stress, so it is good to relieve stress with acupuncture before you add more stress from not smoking.